Carpet Cleaning

Stēmco specializes in carpet cleaning using only the finest cleaning solutions on the market. We use a deep steam and extraction process coupled with our eco-friendly pretreatment to leave your carpet fresh and reconditioned.

Stain Removal

Drink spills, food spills, ink, nail polish, wine, gum, grease, and rust blemishing your carpet? If you answered yes to any of these you probably have lost hope in ever getting that stain free carpet back. Well don't! We can help, by applying specialized cleaning agents and by using unique methods we can in almost all cases extract these stains from your carpet.

Pet Stains / Odors

Having a pet in your life typically means they spend a lot or most of their time in your home. With all of this indoor quality time we spend with our furry friends comes the "accidents" nearly every pet owner encounters. The smell and the stains can be pretty awful, but in most instances we can treat these areas and leave them stain and odor free. 

( Unfortunately in rare cases a pet can do irreversible damage to carpet and padding, this is based on the severity of contamination. The client will be notified if this particular situation should occur)

24 Hour Water Removal

If your home or business is experiencing a flood from drain lines, supply lines, or natural causes we're here to help all day and night, any day of the year. Water removal and remediation is taken very seriously as it can have a grave impact on your home, work and even health. When water is not handled almost immediately it has the capabilities of reeking havoc on your home or business. We offer water removal and drying services to insure things don't get worse than they already are. Our number one priority is putting you back in a dry and healthy home as soon as possible.



Don't let small imperfections be the deciding factor in whether or not it's time to replace your carpet, We can fix it!

- Threshold/carpet bar installation 

- Carpet stretching 

- Patching 

- Seam repairs

Other Services

- Tile / grout cleaning

- Upholstery cleaning